Styled wedding at Villa Majda

February 1, 2021


Villa Majda, Osp, Slovenia

Slovenia has a new gorgeous wedding location, Villa Majda. It is located in the small coastal village of Osp, just below the karst edge. We admit, we immediately fell in love with this villa. It’s a perfect combination of Tuscan and French style; it’s elegant and sophisticated but at has a genuinely homely feel.

We are really  grateful that we were able to participate in this stylish wedding, which was prepared here by wedding planner Jasna from the Pravljični trenutek.

Ana (OblikovAna) created these stunning wedding invitations and stationery.

Capucinne rings are really so special, definitely one of the most beautiful we have ever seen.

Make-up artist Martina Vetrih perfectly emphasized the natural beauty of our bride Gordana. And Evelina apparel’s beautiful robe made her shine even before she jumped into her wedding dress.

We admit, we usually prefer slightly more minimalist wedding dresses, but this dress, from Moments by Hisha, really made an impression on us. Isn’t it beautiful? And not to mention the Olivia Rose design hair jewelry …. waaw!

You just can’t do it without flowers. The credit for all these floral decorations goes to the talented Maja S. Česen, the girl is really in love with flowers.

In our opinion, Villa Majda is one of the most beautiful wedding locations in Slovenia.