Intimate wedding in Normandy, France

November 26, 2020


Chateau du Perron, Normandy, France

We are so grateful to keep meeting such genuinely warm, happy and fun-loving clients as Kilala and Alban are. Their invitation to capture their destination wedding in France was a big honor for us.

Kilala and Alban decided to celebrate their love with an intimated wedding in Normandy, as this is the place where they met seven years ago. The wedding ceremoy took place at charming Chateau du Perron. Laura Montorio, the ceremony speaker from Paris, packed their history in a very heart touching story. Let us citat some of her words: “Love doesnt alway come easy. To love means going forward without knowing what the future brings.
Love is facing challenges and overcoming obstacles together. Love is holding on and never letting go.
And that is what you two did over the following years and over the distance. Because you both knew
that your love was worth fighting for.”

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